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Pipe extrusion line
Silicon layer hdpe pipe extrusion line

Extruders and complete extrusion lines for the production of silicon layer HDPE pipes.

We supply a permanently lubricated (Silicon) HDPE pipe extrusion line for production of silicon layer HDPE pipe for telecom ducts application. These pipes facilitate thousands of kilometres of telecom ducts which are good for blowing long length of optical fibre cables. This special telecom duct pipe is a co-extruded pipe with a very low coefficient of friction. The outer layer is 100 per cent HDPE with coloured masterbatch. The inner layer constitutes 96 per cent LDPE and 4 per cent silicon masterbatch.

The company also offers full co-extrusion line up to 110 mm pipe size with coiler designed specially for PLB ducts (permanently lubricated HDPE ducts) for telecom applications. The pipe can be continuously drawn from our machine and wound on our specially designed coiler having a capacity of 1,000 mts for 40 mm pipe diametre.

silicon layer HDPE pipe extrusion line

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