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Pipe extrusion line

PPR pipe extrusion line/PP-RT pipe manufacturing machine, PPR pipe making machine

Complete extruders and extrusion lines for the production of PPR pipes( 20-63mm)., PE-RT pipes(16-32mm) with speed up to 20m/min

ppr extrusion line

pp-r pipe extruder

Single screw extruder: Speical two stages screw design and intensify plasticization design, ensure high speed and high quality PP-R pipe extrusion on the high quality basis; High shear and low melting plasticizing temperature ensure material high performance extrusion. (Gravimetric) automatical loader and drier system ensure homogeneous extrusion of PP-R pipe, Special melting material filter is specially designed for PP-R pipe extrusion.

Spiral diffluence type extrusion die is specially designed for PP-R extrusion, ensure stable extrusion of pipes at the best melting temperature. it features in easy adjustment and evenextrusion, ensures that melting pressure and flux are uniformity, the surface of pipe is smooth and shapely.

Pipe marking line is extruded by smaller single screw extruder through the composited extrusion die.

Vacuum calibration water tank: it is equipped with two-stage vacuum system(for large diameter)advanced water recycle & high pressure cooling system, vacuum degree adjustment device and accurate water level & water temperature automatical control system. The accurate stannum bronze calibratation sleeve ensures fast cooling speed and molding of pipe. Its material is stainless steel.

Spray cooling water tank: Long cooling unit ensures high efficiency cooling, Unique pipeline design shorten cooling length. Accurate water level & water temperature automatical control system realize precise temperature control. Tank upper section made from stainless steel.

Hauling unit: highly wear-resistant rubber V-shaped pads, special upper and lower lifting devicesimplize the production of different pipe diameter, strong abrasion resistance in caterpillar , stable and high speed pulling force.

Cutting unit: Unique scrapless cutting structure to ensure the perfection of pipe end, Scrapless cutting with the characteristics of low noise and energy saving, Advanced follow-up design to ensure the accuracy of pipe cutting, the cutting section is flat and smooth with high precision and low noise.

PLC computer control system with touch screen interface can realize automatic and reliable operation.

Model/ parameter Pipe diameter Range(mm) Extruder model Producing speed of line (m/min) Max. output (kg/h) Total installed power(kw) Overall dimension LxWxH
FPPG-63 Ø20-Ø63mm FSJ-65X33 1-20 220 90 30x3.6x2.5m
FPPG-160 Ø75-Ø160mm FSJ-75X33 0.6-6 300 150 36x3.6x2.5m

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