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Pipe extrusion line

Pipe extruder

Single Screw Extruder
Our single screw extruders are featured by high level technical solutions such as screw geometry that is suitable for processing the plastic pipe extrusion.
We use high wear resistant screws and barrels to make accurate control of melt conditions, homogeneous temperatures and pressures, without variations and surging.

single screw extruder

Counter-rotating twin screw extruder, Parallel Twin Screw Extruder, conical twin screw extruder

We manufacture parallel twin screw extruders for producing pvc pipes, targeting gentle plastification, high output and quality for products.

In order to make perfect plastification process, our special design screws obtains homogeneous temperature distribution. As standard, all of our extruders are equipped with powerful AC drives that produce high torque at low revolution.

As the P.I.D. control is supplied by either PLC or digital thermostats, temperature control over the zones of barrel is done on extruder. Dosing unit, feeds barrel with raw material, making revolution adjustment straight proportion with screw speed through frequency control inverter.

Thanks to the head and die system improved, that enables high production capacity, quality for pipes and sensitive pipe measurements. Extruder, dosing unit and haul-off may operate either synchronized or independent upon request.





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