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Pipe extrusion line
Oxygen barrier PEX pipe extrusion line, pex-evoh-pex pipe extrusion line

Integrating several years'experience on the extrusion and composite technology, adopts co-extrusion technology to extrude the PEX and PERT oxygen barrier pipes of diameter range of 16-63mm. Adopting special screw and dies for the oxygen barrier material, the production line includes extruder, co-extrusion dies, vacuum calibration, cooling, hauling, cutting, coiling and etc. It has features like stable craft, advanced technology and convenient operation etc. The max production speed of the line exceeds 20m/min and can produce pipes of different specifications by changing different dies.

Special screw can guarantee quick plastication and stable extrusion of the high viscosity oxygen barrier material;
Special design for the co-extrusion dies, uniform wall thickness and stable dimension;
Through plenty of experiments, we master the technical features and parameters of the oxygen barrier material and its adhesive;
Belt haul-off with new complex belt, strong hauling force and little distortion of the pipe;
PLC control system and touch screen, convenient operation.





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