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Application for Corrugated pipe forming machine

There are many products which are manufactured by corrugated pipe forming machine, including medical corrugated hoses for breathing, automotive corrugated tubing, dishwasher drainage tubes, washing machine drain hose, electrical corrugated conduits etc

The smallest corrugated tubes made by corrugated pipe machine

The smallest corrugated tubes made by our corrugated pipe machine is i.d.3mm


Production Trial available for corrugated pipe

QET have a wide range of experience with material PE, PP, PA,PVC, EVA PVDF. We typically have a machine available for production trial


Vacuum forming corrugated pipe machine VS blow moulding corrugated pipe machine

vacuum forming corrugated pipe forming machine

blow moulding corrugated pipe forming machine


Corrugated pipe die tooling


Cooling system for corrugated pipe forming machine (pipe corrugator)


Extrusion machine for corrugated flat perforated subsoil drainage pipes


Corrugated convoluted wire loom tube making machine

We manufacture complete machine for corrugated loom tubes. corrugated loom tubes can be found to protect cabling inluding in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, trains or in public buildings.
corrugated tubing is manufactured in different diameters and from different materials, for example PA6, PA12, PP und PE.
Convoluted corrugated wire looms are available in both closed and slit variants.


Corrugated pipe machine video

Flexible Convoluted Corrugated Conduit Tubing making machine

We manufacture complete flexible convoluted corrugated conduit tubing making machine. In year 2014, we lanched machine for twin polyamide (Nylon) and polypropylene (PP) Corrugated Tubes

Corrugated tubings profile design

Based on different product requirements, QET calculates and designs the corrugated pipe geometry. we are highly experienced in developing corrugated pipe machinery tailored to the many particular needs of pipe manufacturers and according to various standards and local requiements.


Production line for corrugated pipes for special application

Extrusion line for corrugated swimming pool hoses
Extrusion line for double wall PE pipe (fresh air duct)
Extrusion machine for corrugated drinking water pipes
Extrusion line for oval ventilation pipes for controlled ventilation of the living space
Extrusion line for corrugated suction hoses for filter systems and swimming pool cleaning
Extrusion line for corrugated core pipes for winding tube production from the manufacturers Krah and Bauku
Extrusion line for drain hoses for washing and dishwashers
Corrugated siphon pipes for sinks manufacturng machine
Corrugated drinking straws hose making machine
Extrusion line for corrugated oval duct

Machinery for production of siphon corrugated pipe
Machine for medical corrugated tubing
Machine for corrugated flat/round PE/PP post tensioning duct
Machinery for corrugated PA tubing
Extrusion line for pre-wired corrugated PP conduit
Double layer corrugated pipe extrusion machine
Double wall HDPE electrical duct extrusion line
Corrugated duo pipe extrusion machine
Multilayer corrugated PA tube machine
flat corrugated pipe/duct machine
perforated corrugated pipe machine
Extrusion line for corrugated sink waste pipe

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