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Multilayer corrugated PA(nylon) tube machine

Nylon Corrugated Tube is typically used for fluid transfer and wiring harnesst in automotive or industrial applications. QET manufactures complete extrusion machine for production of corrugated nylon conduit/tubings. for multlayer corrugated nylon tube extrusion, vacuum forming extrusion & Sequential mode corrugator is employed.

corrugated nylon/PA tube extruder/machine/line

Variable mould blocks speed for tube thickness control
Variable mould block chain Length for adaption of pipe length
corrugated pipe machine
two types of pipe corrugator:
Internal blow moulding
Vacuum forming

Blow Moulding:
This technology consist of blowing low pressure (0,1-1,5 bar) through the die head spider into the center of the continuously extruded hot plastic tube. The air is retained by a plug with metallic or silicone washers.
The hot plastic material is expanded by the internal air pressure against the corrugation machined in the mould blocks which chill and holds the tube against the moulds to provide the desired geometry. Corrugated products formed by internal air must have constant I.D. dimension.

Vacuum forming:
This technology consists of pulling the hot plastic tube against the mould blocks by vacuum suction applied through the moulds applied to the plastic tube outside diameter surface. Vacuum from the moulds keep the tube against the moulds to provide the desired geometry. Corrugated products formed by vacuum may have variable I.D. dimensions.


    cable protection
    TV, telephone
    glass fiber
    control and computer cables
    automobiles, machines and airplanes
    medical applications
    washing machines

Corrugated tube machine for windshield washer hose (windscreen wiper feeding pipe)

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