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1. The extruders adopt Siemens man-machine interface and Siemens computer-control operation system, maintenance-free motor (Germany) and decelerator direct driving, which can effectively avoid low efficiency and big transmission error of general belt transmission. Dust, grease dirt and noise produced during manufacturing process are also avoided.
2. The cooling bath is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel with complete glass closed structure and stainless steel centrifugal pump for special medical-grade deionized water. Its water-annulus and low vacuum moulding ensures fine roundness and precision of pipes. Its air-annulus drying device allows the cooling water to be used circularly and not to splash the ground.
3. Biaxial diameter gauge adopts high velocity laser light source, Japan TOSHIBA high-precision CCD, digital image manipulation, non-contacting measuring for online products and real-time digital display with measuring precision of ±0.003mm.

4. The haul-off unit consists of belts made from Switzerland, servo motor and controller of Japan MITSUBISHI, turbine and worm decelerator from Germany. It can work with high precision and stability and no skidding or noise.

5. The cutting unit is equipped with aluminum alloy rotatable Knife arm of low-inertia as well as special cutting Knife pouch which ensures smooth cuts. It’s servo motor driving and PLC programming controlling of Japan MITSUBISHI, as well as Siemens man-machine interface ensure precision of cutting length. Cutting length can be set at will and cutting times can be counted automatically.
6. The extruder and the haul-off adopt complete closed loop servo motor which enables hauling speed to change with the extruder speed, and consequently ensure speed synchronization on the whole line with high precision and frequency responsibility. It can also prevent pipe diameter from fluctuating when working speed is changed due to environmental factors, and thus ensures product precision up to ±0.03.