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Sheet extrusion line
Dimpled sheet extrusion line

The drainage sheet is an outstanding product widely used with great success in the construction and road works fields for drainage, thermal and acoustic insulation. In particular, the dimpled membrane is applied as a protective barrier on face walls and foundations.
The product can also be used on terraces, flat roofs and roof gardens as a separation layer between different materials and as support element for finishing layers.

For projects thath require large amounts of water, such as road works, underground railway systems and underground garages and tunnels, this product is the best solution.
Machine can produce studded membrane in many different sizes and thicknesses, in one or two colours. A non-woven PP geo-textile fabric layer can also be laminated in-line to further increase the membrane's draining capacity. If desired, a product- identification strip can be applied on the membrane.
The machine can be equipped with a semi or fully automatic winder for automatic taping and roll extraction.

dimpled sheet extrusion line